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Monday Motivation: Big Guitar Edition

“Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.”
Chick Corea

Today we feature the Z.o.o. Guitar Duo performing on some very interesting instruments.

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  1. 2009 November 30

    A furious discussion of Segovia and Fisk going on elsewhere that I’m not qualified to take part in. Here’s a simple question. Just starting out, and have had one lesson. Because of my schedule over the next month, I won’t see the teacher again until sometime in January, or I’d ask him. What the hell do I do with my left hand pinky? Because it’s not coming into play, I seem to have a subconscious need to lift it out of the way until I look like a cartoon Englishman with a cup of tea. Obviously I know that can’t be right, so what do you say to beginners about the pinky? Thanks.