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An Interview with Andrew Schulman

Andrew Schulman makes his living as a guitarist in New York City. He has been professional musician for thirty years, and is a wealth of information on just about everything in the music field. You can connect with Andrew on Facebook. The interview is in nine parts.

Part 1

  • How Andrew got started on the guitar
  • What led him to classical guitar

NOTE: part one has a lot edited out for time. The full, 16 minute version is available for download

Part 2

  • When Andrew started playing 8-string guitars
  • How his guitars are tuned
  • Buying and selling 27 guitars

Part 3

  • 27 guitars cont.
  • Making a living in NYC as a musician
  • The Abaca String Band

NOTE: part three has a lot edited out for time. The full version is available for download

Part 4

  • Playing in hotels
  • How much gig rep Andrew maintains

Part 5

  • arranging

NOTE: part five has a lot edited out for time. The full version is available for download

Part 6

  • Abaca String Band, cont.
  • Composition
  • Licensing music for films

Part 7

  • Networking for musicians
  • Performing as a musician in comedy clubs

Part 8

  • Amplification

Part 9

  • Amplification, cont.
  • Andrew’s volunteer work in a New York Hospital
4 Responses
  1. 2010 February 1

    What an incredible interview! This guy is full of useful information and obviously loves to share it and help other guitarists. And what a great artist. Thanks for taking the time (both of you Andrew and Chris)!

  2. 2010 February 7
    Jeff permalink

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for these interviews! They are great.
    Another personality that would be great for an interview is Per-Olov Kindgren. He seems like a really friendly guy.

    Or perhaps Antal Pusztai ( – I’d ask him about technique (scales) and jazz! 😉

  3. 2010 February 7
    Jeff permalink

    Other things I’d ask Antal, is about his guitar! He’s got a Hauser I from 1919!!!

    And I ask him about his experiences with playing in jazz ensembles. And what normal guitarists should do to get better in ensemble settings.

    And I’d ask him about his compositions – does he follow a compositional method? Does he compose with the guitar in hand?


  4. 2011 March 5
    Skipper permalink

    Yeah, I agree… an interview with Kindgren (Mr. Classical-Guitar-Youtube) would be really nice.

    He has a fantastic tone and really manages to reach *people* (not just classical guitarists).