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In-Depth Interview with Sharon Isbin posted a very in-depth interview with Sharon Isbin. Worth a watch!

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  1. 2012 May 8

    This visit with Sharon is Excellent. She has done so much for the Classical Guitar and there should already be a Biography written as she has already accomplished so much in her life with her many projects. She is always moving forward and I applaud this excellent visit with her. I am checking this video out at 1:30 am Tuesday morning after checking my e-mail. She is in a select group already a legend. IN 2004 at the World Guitar Congress, she stunned me with the finest performance of the CONCERTO DE ARANJUEZ I have heard in my life and I have heard all the greats perform this. Sharon is always articulate and is really a “cutting edge” Artist. This video should be heard by everyone who loves this great instrument.