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Slur Exercises for Classical Guitar

Over the past week I made a short eBook about slurs. It comes with some practice suggestions and several groups of exercises.

The book is available to Technique Members at the Classical Guitar Blog+

Thanks to Bobber, Hans, and Trevor for reading through the book and offering suggestions.

4 Responses
  1. 2010 January 22

    Excellent free PDF. Thank you! I’ve been picking up my classical guitar again after a long hiatus (was a classical guitar major in college). This will help get my fingers back into classical shape.

  2. 2010 March 16
    Joe Rash permalink

    Thanks for the slur exercises and more importantly, the guidance on how to practice them. Your work has been helping me and my guitar teacher also speaks highly of your blog.

  3. 2010 April 18
    Paul R. permalink

    Hi Chris!

    Slurs can be used to such great effect in compositions. Some examples are given below:

    Some very interesting textures are created with the slurs. (The sheetmusic for Kleptomaniac is available from Alan Thomas’ website – part of his “Etudes, Book 1”!)

    And Alan’s composition reminds me of Brouwer’s “La Espiral Eterna”
    (here played by Brouwer himself!) – a work on which Eduardo Fernandez wrote a brief article:

  4. 2010 June 10
    dass.A permalink

    I want this