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Classical Fingernail Shaping and Buffing [Video Lesson]

Includes info about what we need to work on our nails, some advice about shaping, and the three step process I use to get a smooth edge on my nails.

You can now get Micro Mesh Pads right from the Classical Guitar Blog!

5 Responses
  1. 2010 August 6
    Lee permalink

    Thanks, chris, nice video. Does anyone just use those 7 sided buffers available at the local drug store? I do and seems to work well for me.

    • 2010 August 13

      Lee, I used the seven sided buffers for the last few years until I was gifted some micro mesh. They work great too!

  2. 2010 August 10

    Great video to remind me just how important glassy smooth nails are. Where do you buy those micromesh paper? I usually use old 2000 grit paper, but would like to get the 4000 etc. All I found is very modeling pricey pads on amazon.

  3. 2012 February 2
    Jorge permalink

    ive wanted to grow my nails for some time to learn classical. I also play the elctric guitar. But im having trouble growing my index finger. They always seem to get a groove in the middle of the nail. Can someone help me on what to do?