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An Interview with Johannes Möller

Johannes Möller is the 2010 GFA competition winner. He’s also a composer, and that experience lends him a very unique insight into interpretation (see part 2). You can connect with Johannes on facebook and youtube.

Part 1

  • When and how Johannes got started on the guitar
  • How previous competition experience helped prepare him for the 2010 GFA win
  • How the GFA win changed Johannes professionally and as a performer

Part 2

  • On composing
  • How being a composer changes the way you look at music

Part 3

  • Tips for guitarists

3 Responses
  1. 2010 November 19

    I finally had a chance to listen to these last night. It must have been an easy interview for you, Johannes had so much to say and all of it is stuff we need to hear. I’m really impressed with his attitude about it all and I hope it rubs off on everyone who watches those.

    His Duo2xM CD with his father is great, btw. I’m not crazy about the Giuliani pieces but I love listening to it because they sound like they’re having a great time playing together.

    Really inspiring stuff, thanks!

  2. 2010 November 21
    Gill permalink

    Just got round to listening to this now and enjoyed it, thanks Chris. I like Johannes’s attitude and he is one of my favourite players – often watch him playing pieces such as ‘Ananda’ on YouTube.