Adam Holzman Interview

I recently had the opportunity to chat with classical guitarist Adam Holzman. Adam has been in the guitar business for a long time, so I asked him about some of things he had the opportunity to be a part of very early on: the Aspen festival, studying with his brother, Bruce Holzman, and how Adam got started on the guitar.

Adam Holzman on…

  • When he got started on the guitar.
  • What it was like studying with his older brother, Bruce Holzman.
  • How the Aspen festival shaped him into the guitarist and teacher his is today.
  • Whether or not there are any festivals out there than recreate the same intense environment of Aspen.
  • recording for Naxos

Adam Holzman on…

  • What he looks for in a student.
  • Why UT Austin became the high level guitar program it is today.
  • His current concert guitar and strings.
  • Tips for guitarists.
  • Upcoming projects.

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