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Alexandre Lagoya plays Ponce [Monday Motivation]

Today we feature Alexandre Lagoya performing Scherzino Mexicano by Ponce. I really like this piece and the playing. Lagoya only passed away in 1999, and you can read a bit more about him in this New York Times obituary.

6 Responses
  1. 2011 March 14
    Lorenzo permalink

    This is fantastic! 100% brilliant superb expression.

    Wow. Very very very good.

    What superb musicianship and just joy and …

    This is truly what guitar playing should all be about.

  2. 2011 March 15

    Indeed a very beautiful and expressive performance in the Segovia style.

  3. 2011 March 17
    Justin permalink

    Been a busy week so I am just now catching up. Just great, so lyrical. Thanks for posting.

  4. 2011 March 18

    Even with a duff recording like that the talent shines through.

  5. 2011 March 18
    Richard Ogilby permalink

    Beautifully played but the piece sounds like It came from “The Third man”