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2011 Koblenz Guitar Competition Winners

The Koblenz Guitar Festival was held June 6-13, 2011. Its competition was three, free-choice rounds of 7, 15, and 30 minutes. Pieces could not be repeated from round to round.

The 2011 Koblenz Winners

First Prize: David Dyakov (Bulgaria)
Second Prize: Chia-Wei Lin (Taiwan)
Third Prize: Ian Watt (Scotland)

David Dyakov won…

3000 euro cash, a concert in Carnegie Hall New York City + $1000 stipend and travel/accommodation expenses provided by D’Addario & Company and the D’Addario Music Foundation along with a three-year supply of D’Addario strings (52 sets a year), CD production with KSG EXAUDIO, 10 concerts in Germany with a payment of 500 euro per concert including the record release concert at the 20th Koblenz International Guitar Festival 2012

Watch Winner David Dyakov Play

Source and thanks to Jurgen for the heads up.

5 Responses
  1. 2011 June 14
    Frank permalink

    On the Paganini video: I knew about Meng Su’s great version.
    It’s quite refreshing to see that non-chinese players are also reaching very high technical levels. 😉

    The original source of David Dyakov’s video seems to be from the Koblenz festival website (link)

    Great playing!

  2. 2011 June 15
    Alex permalink

    German-speaking countries are brilliant for classical guitar!

    I look at Stephan Schmidt (from Germany, teaching in Switzerland), Thomas Müller-Pering, Tilman Hoppstock, Franz Halász, Duo Sonare (Jens Wagner, Thomas Offermann), Hubert Käppel, Jürgen Ruck, Roberto Aussell (teaching in Cologne, Germany), Michael Tröster, Alvaro Pierri (teaching in Vienna), Konrad Ragossnig, Brigitte Zaczek, etc.

    All top guitarists, well worth listening. Many are hardly known…

    Here’s a tip:
    Duo Sonare (around 1994 – cutting edge stuff… already playing 19th century instruments)
    If this is not Monday motivation material, I don’t know what is! 😉

  3. 2011 June 15
    Alex permalink

    Interview with Thomas Offermann (from the exceptional Duo Sonare)
    Thomas Offermann stopped playing duo to an injury, but he’s still a good prof, with interesting views…

  4. 2011 June 15
    Alex permalink

    PS: Hubert Käppel interviewed at the Iserlohn guitar festival (2010, where Artyom Dervoed won 1st prize in the competition):

  5. 2011 June 22
    Milan permalink

    In case someone else is researching on how to get to Koblenz…

    which airports are closeby, what’s the train website etc.

    you can find these details here in this link