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Ana Bragina plays Sergej Rudnev

Today we feature Ana Bragina performing Lipa vekovaia (Old lime tree). Rudnev is more of an arranger in this case: the piece is a variation set on on a Russian folk song. Matanya Ophee wrote a short article about this piece, including an old recording of it being sung. It’s worth it to have a listen to both.

Sergej Rudnev Himself

Thanks to Heike Matthiesen for the heads up about this video.

2 Responses
  1. 2011 July 19

    First one to ‘Like’ this post. 🙂

    That was just absolutely superb! As a woman, it really inspires me seeing female classical guitarists play with so much passion. I find it strangely romantic seeing her like she’s hugging her guitar. It’s actually my first time to hear this song and know its origin. In my humblest opinion, it’s beautifully new and unique for me, considering of course that I rarely hear Russian folk songs and their other traditional composition/arrangement.

    But nonetheless, I love and appreciate the creativity of how Sergej arranged it. His ingenuity has been served at its best.


  2. 2011 September 10
    Nikolay permalink

    Artyom Dervoed does a fantastic job with this peice as well. It is definitely worth checking out.