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2012 GFA Competition Winners

The Guitar Foundation of America convention, along with its international and youth competitions, just concluded last weekend.

2012 International Competition Winners

First Place: Rovshan Mamedkuliev (Russia)
Second Place: Celil Kaya (Turkey)
Third Place: Silviu Ciulei (Romania/USA)
Fourth Place: Ivan Sanchez Flores (Mexico)

2012 Guitar Foundation of America Winners

Watch Winner Rovshan Mamedkuliev Play

Youth Competition Winners — Junior Division

First Prize: Kevin Loh (Singapore)
Second Prize: Woo Tak Kim (S. Korea)
Third Prize: Ashwin Krishna (US)
Fourth Prize: James Graham (Canada)

Youth Competition Winners — Senior Division

First Prize: Huaicong Mu (China)
Second Prize: Shon Stelman (Israel/US)
Third Prize: Noam Kanter (Netherlands)
Fourth Prize: Tobias James (US)

International Winners Source, Youth Winners Source

4 Responses
  1. 2012 July 4

    Love his take on Lobos #12 !!

  2. 2012 July 5
    Freddy permalink

    Congratulations. Always a colourful group of winners from around the world.

  3. 2012 August 11
    Bob permalink

    The winners of the “International Guitar Competition Nürtingen 2012” are out:

    1. Tal Hurwitz

    2. Fabian Freesen

    3. Aleksi Rajala

    (see listing here

  4. 2012 November 2
    B360 permalink

    Congratulations to all the talented winners!