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An Interview with Luthier Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill is a California based guitar builder. His instruments are played by artists such as Scott Tennant and Kazuhito Yamashita. In addition, Kenny writes a Blog about Hill Guitars. You can also connect with Kenny on Facebook.

Part One

  • How Kenny started building guitars.
  • About the Hill Guitar Co. Master Series.
    • Part Two

      • The direction of the Hill Guitar Co. today.
      • About New World Guitars.
      • Kenny’s thoughts on working with a team.

      Part Three

      • Working with a team (continued).
      • Thoughts on trying out new instruments.

      Part Four

      • What Kenny looks for in a guitar.
      • Whether or not the new designs are helping fulfill those qualities.
      • Will these new designs replace the old.

      Part Five

      • Will new designs replace the old (continued).
      • More on the Master Series.

2 Responses
  1. 2009 November 24

    What a very interesting thoughtful guy who loves CG. Great interview, thanks for doing it Chris and thanks to Kenny for sharing so much of his vision and love of CG.

  2. 2012 May 15
    Ben permalink

    Agreed. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for a great insight into the great guitar maker.