An Interview with Luthier Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill is a California based guitar builder. His instruments are played by artists such as Scott Tennant and Kazuhito Yamashita. In addition, Kenny writes a Blog about Hill Guitars. You can also connect with Kenny on Facebook.

Part One

  • How Kenny started building guitars.
  • About the Hill Guitar Co. Master Series.
    • Part Two

      • The direction of the Hill Guitar Co. today.
      • About New World Guitars.
      • Kenny’s thoughts on working with a team.

      Part Three

      • Working with a team (continued).
      • Thoughts on trying out new instruments.

      Part Four

      • What Kenny looks for in a guitar.
      • Whether or not the new designs are helping fulfill those qualities.
      • Will these new designs replace the old.

      Part Five

      • Will new designs replace the old (continued).
      • More on the Master Series.

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  • Bobber

    What a very interesting thoughtful guy who loves CG. Great interview, thanks for doing it Chris and thanks to Kenny for sharing so much of his vision and love of CG.

  • Ben

    Agreed. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for a great insight into the great guitar maker.