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In order to be on this list, you must have a website.

Listings are formatted like this Your Name – City, State. Additionally, you’ll be listed under the header of whatever state/country you select. If you’re outside the US, please use the City field below to specify what you’d like to appear next to your name location-wise.

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Suggestions, Terms, and FAQ

  • In the website field above, input your home page or a page that has all the info about your teaching practicing/procedures.
  • Please make sure that people can easily find your location on your website.

Getting a teacher listing on the Classical Guitar Blog is free of monetary cost. After you fill out the form above, you should receive an email with confirmation instructions to get your site listed here.

Please retain the final confirmation email for your records. Should you need to change or take down your listing, reply to that email or contact Chris and include your name, website, and location.

What else do I get out of listing myself here?
Over 10,000 people visit the classical guitar blog every month. Additionally, the CG Blog ranks very well for a variety of classical guitar related search terms. Getting a listing here should help others find you. Lots of people get in touch about webcam guitar lessons, and I’d like to be able to point them to a local teacher.

Additionally, if you list yourself here I’ll send you three tips that help improve the odds that potential students will find you online.

I don’t have a website, what do I do? Why do I need one?
Check out free services like Weebly and Both make it easy to set up and customize a website. Additionally, both give you the option of buying your own domain name and using it (strongly recommended). You need a website because I’m not comfortable hosting pages for each teacher — things changes to rapidly. Your own home page gives you the freedom to change what you need to and the information on here (the link) never goes out of date.