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Jason Vieaux Interview

jason vieaux guitar

Jason Vieaux

Jason Vieaux needs no introduction. He’s a fantastic musician, and it was truly my pleasure to do this interview.

Jason Vieaux on…

  • How he got started on the guitar
  • About his Pat Metheny recording, Images of Metheny

Jason Vieaux on…

  • His Bach CD
  • When Bach Volume 2 will be out (and other projects)
  • A discussion on recording and how Jason does it

Jason Vieaux on…

  • A discussion on learning music
  • What Jason’s typical practice day looks like
  • His teaching

Jason Vieaux on…

  • Tips on practicing
  • General tips for guitarists
  • Ping-pong balls for the thumbnail
  • How social media has affected Jason as a classical musician