Classical Guitar Interviews

When the Classical Guitar Blog was founded in 2008, one of its main goals was to provide and avenue for interaction with professional classical guitarists. Interviews are one of the most outstanding ways that can happen.

Most of these interviews are with guitarists, but there are some with classical guitar builders. Have a suggestion for who should be interviewed? Make a suggestion.

Classical Guitarists

Adam Holzman
Andrew Schulman
Charles Mokotoff
Denis Azabagic
Perfecto de Castro
Eva Fampas
Heike Matthiesen
James Piorkowski
Jason Williams
Jason Vieaux
Johannes Möller
Jonathan Roth
Kevin Callahan
Kevin Gallagher
Larry McDonald
Marco Sartor
Martha Masters
Matt Palmer
Matthew Hinsley
Matthew Slotkin
Michael Chapdelaine
Petar Jankovic
Philip Hii
Ricardo Iznaola
Scott Kritzer
Scott Tennant
SoloDuo – Lorenzo Micheli and Matteo Mela
Stephen Aron
Steve Lin
The Tantalus Quartet

Classical Guitar Builders

Dan Koentopp
John H. Dick
Kenny Hill
Michael Thames

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