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Scott Tennant Interview

During my first year of undergrad the LAGQ visited. I was about two months into playing classical guitar. I didn’t even own a guitar recording; I had no clue what the instrument could do. The LAGQ concert was my first guitar concert, and I left inspired.

I remember watching Scott Tennant closely. I was amazing by the things he was doing. It was a privilege to talk with one of the guitarists who inspired me to play pursue classical guitar as a career.

In addition to kicking ass on guitar, Scott also writes a blog, maintains a Facebook page, and tweets.

Scott Tennant on…

  • How/when he started on guitar.
  • When he became interested in Flamenco.
  • where is technical facility came from (Flamenco playing or studying with Pepe Romero)

Scott Tennant on…

  • What he would add to or change in Pumping Nylon
  • The future of classical guitar
  • Guitarists that push the instrument forward.

Scott Tennant on…

  • What he would do on the first lesson with a beginner guitarist
  • Scott’s recent hand injury

Scott Tennant on…

  • whether a player’s sound comes from their technique or the guitar
  • How the LAGQ works

Scott Tennant on…

  • The LAGQ’s recent concert with John Cleese.
  • Does performing still give him that same thrill it did twenty years ago?