100 Music Ed Bloggers!


Dr. Joseph Pisano at mustech.net began a campaign during 2008 to get together 100 music education bloggers. He was kind enough to put The Classical Guitar Blog on that list.

A big thanks to Dr. Pisano both for organizing the campaign and bringing some of these great blogs to my attention.


  1. http://www.mustech.net
    Dr. Joseph M. Pisano- MusTech.net
  2. http://digitalmusiceducator.wordpress.com
    Owen Bradley -The Digital Music Educator
  3. http://etobiasblog.musiced.net
    Evan Tobias- Catalysts & Connections
  4. http://musiced.about.com/
    Espie Estrella -About Music Education
  5. http://jamesfrankel.musiced.net/
    Dr. James Frankel-  Music Technology in Education
  6. http://weblog.siba.fi/msalavuo
    Dr. Miikka Salavuo-  Music Education, Technology & Social Media
  7. http://pwhitfield.edublogs.org
    Pete Whitfield-  e-Learning for Music
  8. http://www.musicedmagic.com
    Chad Criswell- Music Ed. Magic
  9. http://jsavage.org.uk/
    Dr. Jonathan Savage- Jonathan Savage
  10. http://musictechforme.com/
    V. Keith Mason- Music Tech. for Me.
  11. http://tjweller.wordpress.com
    Travis J. Weller- Composing Like Mad
  12. http://mystro2b.edublogs.org/
    Ken Pendergrass- Music is Not for Insects
  13. http://www.soyouwanttoteach.com/
    Joel- So You Want to Teach
  14. http://stengel99.wordpress.com/
    Steve Engel- Music Ed. Lounge
  15. http://fsharpbflat.wordpress.com/
    Linda Granite- Bb, F#
  16. http://doublebassblog.org
    Jason Heath- Double Bass Blog
  17. http://musicisfree.ning.com/
    Robert Brannan- The Music is Free
  18. http://dvzmix.wordpress.com/
    Deborah Valdivia-Zwolinski- DVZ’s Mix
  19. http://choirteachers.blogspot.com/
    Kyle Gardner- Choir Teachers
  20. http://www.pauldraper.org
    Paul Draper- Draper’s Blogspot
  21. http://johnwilborn.wordpress.com
    John Wilborn- John Wilborn’s Weblog
  22. http://iknowithink.blogspot.com
    Leo Park- I Know…I Think
  23. http://gluedtothestring.blogspot.com
    Stan Haskins- Glued to the String
  24. http://musicedtech.wordpress.com
    Barbara Freedman- Music Ed. Tech.
  25. http://tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.com
    Dr. Tom Rudolph-  Make the Most of Notation Software
  26. http://teachingthewirechoir.com/
    Dale Lewis- Teaching the “Wire Choir”
  27. http://docandry.edublogs.org
    Dr. Kevin Andry-Dr. Andry’s Band Blog
  28. http://sperham.wordpress.com
    Steffany Perham- Perham’s Prattlings
  29. http://alexruthmann.com
    Alex Ruthmann- Alex Ruthmann’s Blog
  30. http://www.beatechie.com/
    Carol Broos- Be A Techie:)
  31. http://musicanthology.org
    Geejay Arrioloa and Jeffrey Langlois -Music Anthology
  32. http://southiowamusiced.blogspot.com/
    Michael Compton -Southern Iowa Music Education Network
  33. http://qachsband.edublogs.org/
    Eric Wright- QACHS’s Band Blog
  34. http://alleyjazz13.wordpress.com/
    Alison Hulihan- Marching Music
  35. http://rogerwhaley.blogspot.com
    Roger Whaley -The BandEd ToolShed
  36. http://mgrondin.edublogs.org
    Martha Grondin-Artful, Tuneful, Beatful
  37. http://percussioneducationonline.com
    Kevin Tuck -Percussion Education Online
  38. http://www.musicteachersblog.com
    Janice Tuck -The Music Teacher’s Blog
  39. http://bnceducation.blogspot.com
    Steve Raybould, Kriston Feldpausch -Band and Chorus PMS/PJHS
  40. http://musicedshare.wordpress.com
    Kyle Krstolic -Music Education Share
  41. http://musicedforall.blogspot.com
    Dan Leeman -Music Education for All
  42. http://amymburns.musiced.net
    Amy Burns -Elementary Music/Music Technology
  43. http://www.music.erinnwrobel.com
    Erinn Wrobel – Notes From The Mitten
  44. http://dougbutchy.wordpress.com
    Doug Butchy – Confessions of a Band Director
  45. http://studiobeemusic.com/mutech
    Rich Blenkinsopp – Studiobee Music
  46. http://musicmiddleschoolandweb20.blogspot.com/
    Susan Hurst – Music, Middle School and Web 2.0
  47. http://www.kirki.co.uk
    Dr. Phil Kirkman -Music Education and Technology Blog
  48. http://tufsdblogs.org/winze
    Ann Winze- WI Orchestra
  49. http://thirddivision.org
    David DeVoto – Third Division
  50. http://collaborativepiano.blogspot.com
    Dr. Chris Foley – The Collaborative Piano Blog
  51. http://bandguys.wordpress.com
    Matthew Pelandina and Mike Lewis – The BandGuys’ blog
  52. http://tanbur.wordpress.com
    David French -The Music Education Blogspot
  53. http://musicteachers911.blogspot.com
    Larry Marra -Music Teachers 911
  54. http://www.pianoteacherblog.com
    Rebecca Brown -Piano Teacher’s Retreat
  55. http://wordtogo.wordpress.com
    Steve Mugglin -Creativity and Songwriting in Music Education
  56. http://totalmusiceducation.blogspot.com
    Greg Albing -Total Music Education
  57. http://teachingmusicbs.com
    Ben Baker -Teaching Music
  58. http://susanadavis.blogspot.com/
    Susan Davis -Music Technology Musings
  59. http://www.howtopractise.com (yes it’s a “s”, it’s an English spelling)
    Mike Saville – How To Practise
  60. http://www.free2create.com/blog
    Valerie Kampmeier – Free 2 Create
  61. http://musicmattersblog.com
    Natalie Wickham – Music Matters Blog
  62. http://theresawhite.edublogs.org
    Theresa White – Education In Music
  63. http://africlassical.blogspot.com
    William Zick – Africlassical
  64. http://discoverlearnplay.blogspot.com
    Eugene Cantera – Discover, Learn, Play (MusickED.com’s Blog)
  65. http://mstrismusic.com
    Ms. Tris – MsTrisMusic.com
  66. http://www.learn-theory-music.com/learn-theory-music-blog.html
    Julian Partridge – Learn Theory Music Blog
  67. http://www.guitarticles.net
    Tennyson Williams – Guitar Articles.Net
  68. http://creativekidmusic.wordpress.com
    Dan Thompson -Creative Kid Music
  69. http://educacionmusical.blogspot.com
    Oscar – Educacion Musical – Music Education (Our first, in Spanish, ME Blog!)
  70. http://rizzrazz.vox.com/
    Dr. Eric Rasmussen  – Rizz’s Blog
  71. http://reband.wordpress.com
    Mr. ReBand
  72. http://www.techtempo.com
    Brenda Muench – Tech. Tempo
  73. http://www.thomasjwestmusic.com/blog.htm
    Thomas J. West
  74. http://musictech4ed.edublogs.org
    Andrew Spang  -MusicTech4Ed
  75. Click this link. (A very log blog URL…)
    Jon Ensminger -Pedaplus
  76. http://techtoysandtunes.blogspot.com
    Richard McCready – Tech Toys and Tunes
  77. http://downpressup.wordpress.com
    Derek  -Downpressup
  78. http://listenlearnmusic.com
    Rachel Rambach – Listen and Learn
  79. http://jazzworks.wordpress.com
    Allan Perkins – Jazz Works
  80. http://msgallant.edublogs.org
    Alexandra Gallant – The Misadventures of a First Year Music Teacher
  81. http://www.acousticpath.com/blog
    Cameron Grant – Acoustic Path
  82. http://musicteachercafe.viviti.com/
    Scott Ashby – Music Teacher’s Cafe
  83. http://www.frogstoryrecords.com/player_journal.html
    Stever Carter – Frog Story Records/Player’s Journal
  84. http://thirdstream.musiced.net
    Cary Stewart – Third-Stream Music Education
  85. http://michiganstatepianopedagogy.blogspot.com
    Derek Polischuk – Michigan State Piano Pedagogy
  86. http://fromthevoiceof.blogspot.com
    Elizabeth McDonald -From the Voice of…
  87. http://urbanmusiceducation.org
    Sarah Johnston -Urban Music Education
  88. http://musiced.jasoncrews.net/
    Jason Crews – Music Education Resource Blog
  89. http://www.classicalguitarblog.net
    Christopher – Classical Guitar Blog
  90. http://willie42.globalteacher.org.au/
    Andrew- Split Three Ways
  91. http://mjsheetmusictips.blogspot.com/
    Marilyn Johnson – MJ’s Music Teaching Tips
  92. http://www.musicteachershelper.com/blog/
    Brandon Pearce – Music Teacher’s Helper Blog
  93. http://jeane-metroyo.blogspot.com
    Jeane Goforth – Scrollworks and Metropolitian Youth Orchestras
  94. http://www.oparp.blogspot.com
    Dr. Robert Phillips – The Opinionated Arpgeggist
  95. http://www.wikyblog.com/CynthiaWunsch
    Cynthia Wunsch  – The Unlikely Entrepreneur (Click the Blog Tab)
  96. http://mineoladrama.blogspot.com
    Joe Owens – MHS Theater
  97. http://andyzweibel.com
    Andy Zweibel – Music Musings and Other Randoms…
  98. http://musicschoolsbc.blogspot.com/
    Stephen Robb – Music Schools BC
  99. http://paulbailey.us
    Paul Bailey – Paul Bailey’s Blog
  100. http://edubuzz.org/blogs/alancoady/
    Alan Coady – Alan Coady’s Musical Blog

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