Linkage: 4/17/09

Thinking about recording an album? What is the future of the record industry. More and more classical guitarists are recording on there own and releasing albums through organizations like CDbaby. Dave Kusek posted an alternative method for getting funding to record an album. Maybe Fan Funding has some application for classical guitarists! On that same idea, Trent Reznor of NIN fame was recently interviewd for Digg’s Dialoggs. He discusses some of NIN’s business models and how they are releasing music. It’s an interesting watch and gives those of you thinking of releasing a CD some food for thought.

On the theme of free music: Lifehacker recently let me know that there are over 700 free MP3s on Amazon. Not much in the way of classical guitar, unfortunately, but I like free music!

Kevin Gallagher put up a video this week about recording classical guitar on a shoestring budget. Judging by Kevin’s sound quality on the videos, his method is extremely effective.

Have you heard about the Youtube Symphony. The video mash-up is finally up! The performance of the symphony took place in Carnegie Hall April 15th. The New York Times offered up a less than stellar review of the concert, but gave Google credit, saying, “the company did, after all, field an orchestra for this event, instead of ‘the YouTube International Basketball Team.’” The Toronto Start had some better things to say.

In case you missed it there was a huge group blogging event dicussing file sharing on Thursday. Check it out!

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