Linkage: 5/1/09

Did you know that Mel Bay has an online guitar magazine? I didn’t. It’s free. Check it out:

Matt Marvuglio, dean of Berklee’s performance division, wrote a great article on Memorizing Music. It’s interesting stuff. Essentially the process is about describing the music to yourself. As someone on twitter put it: it’s really about developing an association. Describing the actual content as part of a whole, rather than individual notes, makes all the difference. Mr. Marvuglio goes through several memory systems and how to practice each one. Worth a read!

Anyone can be a superstar on the internet. In fact, there’s more and more indie artists emerging every day. The real problem is connecting with people who enjoy your music, whatever that may be. Musician Wages put up a great post titled A Musicians Guide to Creating an Online Presence to help people cut through the noise. No surprise: the first step is creating great content (great music!).

Due a small group of people, there’s the possibility of a reprint of Tony Palmer’s Julian Bream biography, a Life on the Road. The reprint is only going to happen if they get 500 interested parties. Those interested can sign a petition. There’s no cost, you’re just expressing your interest in the book.

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