Linkage: 5/15/09

The wall street journal published a story about Classical Archives. The story explains that Classical Archives is providing a new way to buy Bach online. Classical Archives has developed a system that (FINALLY!) makes sorting by composer the primary search method, and has brought in the some of the same musicologists behind the music genome project to create a system for finding music. In addition to MP3 sales, the site is going to offer $9.95/month streaming subscription.

I think the business model of Classical Archives is amazing, but I have to wonder what would happen to them if a large online retailer, like Amazon, stepped up their game with art music. I don’t see that happening too soon–the market share for art music is too small.

Douglas Niedt posted his technique tip of the month a few weeks ago. This one deals with artificial nails.

It’s good to see high school’s working with classical guitar. In a time when most beginning guitarists want to learn rock, it’s very exciting to see schools offering classical guitar curriculum.

I wrote guest post for Guitar Player Daily about The Giuliani RH Studies this week. Check it out!

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