Linkage: 5/8/09

Ever wanted to publish a magazine? It seems like it just got easier with online service MagCloud. MagCloud offers the convenience of doing everything–you just have to send in a PDF. Anyone want to start a classical guitar magazine?

Candace Shaw lists ten things musicians should know.

Emon at Guitarkadia found that the BBC series The Story of the Guitar made it online. The videos can be seen on youtube.

Hypebot offers Seven SEO Tips for Musicians. To that I would add: please, classical guitarists, quit using “home” as a title for your page. What you put in your title tags is important, SEO wise.

In a great read, Cameron Mizell explains some tips on establishing good practice habits as a professional musician. I think the title should be “establishing good practice habits as a professional anything.” Cameron’s tips are good for anyone.

The May/June issue of Making Music Magazine had a short feature on classical guitar. Just some basics. I have to say that I’m enjoying this magazine quite a bit.

Classical guitar news stories are a bit slower now that summer is upon us.

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