Linkage: 6/12/09

Because I can’t write a links post without linked to Derek Sivers, he recently wrote a post with a story from Seth Godin about qaunity plus learning. We get really focused on quality, but to learn to produce quality, perhaps it’s necessary to do more first.

Contrast that with crappy practice is a waste of time from WiseBread. That’s very true. Crappy practice is a waste of time, and a roundabout way of getting better. We all want to do more in less time. But maybe we have to put in the quantity first, learning all the while what is the most efficient way to do things.

There’s a great keynote about Trent Reznor’s business model up on vimeo. The discussion centers on what Reznor does to make a living in the music world without the record label. The speaker attributes this success to his connecting with fans and giving them a reason to buy. Other musician examples are included.

Along those same lines, Hypebot released the 10 Commandments of Music 2.0. Everything from blogging to giving away music. Artists should take note!

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