Linkage: 6/19/09

Are you on twitter? Guitarist Brian Barone is putting together a classical guitar twitter directory. Drop him a line if you’d like to be listed!

On the same social media trend, you can hit me up on facebook if you’d like. Just include, “I read your blog” or something in the friend request!

Guitarists everywhere have heard of virtuoso electric guitarist, Joe Satriani. i heart guitar, a blog focusing mostly on electric guitar gear, news and reviews, published an interview with Joe this week. Worth a read if you’re an electric player too!

Kevin Gallagher wrote a post this week about fingering vs. fretboard. Knowing what finger you’re using is important, but fingerings are only a way to get to the frets and strings you need to get to.

I love Pandora, and when Derek Sivers put up a video (embedded below) of his tour of their offices, I was psyched. Really interesting to see how that all works. Guitarists should take note, if you have a CD, send it to them; you could get some airtime on Pandora. Also interesting is the number of trained musicians they employ to listen to and analyze all the music they receive.

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