Practice Rebellion

Last summer I wrote a few posts about practicing efficiently. Specifically, the approaches outlined were highly structured and meant to be extremely focused.

As a person, I tend to be able to sustain that sort of regimented activity for a few months, then I need a change. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been practicing differently. And it’s been refreshing. I still focus on one thing at a time, but my practicing has turned more free. That is, my schedule is now time only

The best thing to do is…

There’s a saying that many weight training folks know: the best thing to do is the thing you’re not doing. Sometimes the most effective thing to do is what we think is counter intuitive.

Don’t be a afraid to change up your practice now and again. If you feel unmotivated, change something. Routine and habit is beneficial only as long as it promotes improvement. Never hesitate to fix something for the sake of adhering to a method if it isn’t working

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