An Interview with Matthew Slotkin

Matthew Slotkin is a New York City based performer and teacher. He teaches at Mansfield University, and uses his teaching gig as a base for his other creative activities.

I had the chance to catch Matt in concert with one of his very interesting chamber music ensembles, Duo Montagnard, a guitar and saxophone duo. It’s a very unique ensemble with some interesting repertoire. He also performs with a double bass player in Dez Cordas.

Part 1

-How he started playing guitar
-Playing jazz guitar
-Studying at Eastman with Paul O’Dette

Part 2

-The very interesting chamber music groups in which Matthew performs
-Amplifying for chamber music
-About his Dammann guitar

Part 3

-Commissioning new works for guitar solo, guitar + saxophone, or guitar + double bass
-Matthew’s CD, Twentieth Century Music for Guitar

Part 4

-The guitar program at Mansfield College
-Tips for guitarists
-Upcoming projects

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