Classical Guitar Blog Roundup [Links – 2/20/2011]

Bradford Werner from Classical Guitar Canada outlines his week of guitar teaching. He makes the valid point that students shouldn’t let a few bad notes ruin a performance. Instead, when you make a mistake, focus on the next note. Trust that you have the rest of the piece. Also good is Bradford’s practice guide: what, how, why, and when.

Speaking of trust, William Bajzek reminds use that we have to trust ourselves during performance and outlines several ways to make sure we’re able to do so. Topping the list is preparation, of course. But at some point you have to get out there and play. The only way to know if you’re able to trust yourself (and your preparation) is by performing.

Flamenco month continues on the Guitar Salon Blog. This week Kai shows us how to do triplet rasgeuado, among other things. I’m loving these videos lessons, and I would strongly encourage you to drop in at the GSI blog to check the rest of the out.

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