Classical Guitar Blog Roundup [Links – 2/27/2011]

Philip Hii explains the premise behind the philosophy of virtuosity he’s been laying out in previous weeks on his blog and in his book the Art of Virtuosity. Everything he talks about (rhythm, fluidity, looseness and lightness, etc.) are all part of a whole. You can’t be good at one and miss out on the others.

William makes the valid point that easy and simple are the same thing. True story. It doesn’t matter what the style or genre of music, a simple piece is not easy. I would add: pulling off a simple piece perfectly is much more impressive than any hard piece with some mistakes.

Kai explains the Buleria Compás over at the GSI blog. He makes the point, however, that you probably shouldn’t tackle this unless you’ve been working on Solea for a while.

Nick Cutroneo outlines what he expects from students. This is a great article, and all teachers should think about working something like this up to give to parents.

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