2012 Appalachian GuitarFest Competition Winners

2012 Appalachian GuitarFest Competition Winners

The Appalachian State GuitarFest was held April 12-15, 2012. There were three division in the competition — Division I being the main event: open guitarists born on or after April 1, 1982. There were three rounds of free choice music.

Division I Competition Winners

First Place: Silviu Ciulei
Second Place: Joseph Palmer
Third Place: Max Zimmerman
Fourth Place: Hazen Clough

Silviu Ciulei Classical Guitar
Silviu Ciulei

Division II Competition Winners

Open to high school students grades 9 – 12.

First Place: Kevin de Miranda
Second Place: Zac Richey
Third Place: Sam Biagioli

Division III Competition Winners

Open to students grade 8 and under.

First Place: Mary Sarmur
Second Place: William Blackburn

Watch Winner Silviu Ciulei Play