The Guitar Foundation of America Needs Your Help

Earlier today, GFA president Martha Masters sent out an email asking for some help.

Dear GFA Members,

In the past six months, GFA has begun dialogues with five school districts in Southern California about adding guitar programs throughout the district. These dialogues have all originated from personal connections with Superintendents, members of the Board of Education, or local politicians. Do you have a connection in your district, someone you’d like to invite to a meeting to discuss the idea of adding guitar in your area? With your introduction, we can assist with advocacy, and introduce various possibilities for implementing a guitar program in your district.

School districts are an area where cold-calling doesn’t typically work. We need your personal connections and your passion. Will you help us? If you know someone who could be influential, we would love to talk with you about ways in which we can work together. Please reach out to us at info [AT] We look forward to working with you to change the face of music education in your community!

~ Martha Masters, President, GFA

Have some connections that could help guitar guitar into local schools? Reach out to info [AT]

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