Do you enjoy the products offered on The Classical Guitar Blog? Do you want to make some money?

Join our Affiliate Program!

How it works:

  1. Sign up with e-junkie
  2. Link up your paypal accout with e-junkie
  3. Get the HOP link code for the product you wish to promote
  4. Put the link on your website

How much?

Affiliates make 40% of the sale price for each sale.

When do I get paid?

Once someone clicks through from your website to the CG Blog store and buys something, e-junkie lets me know at the end of each month. If you make a sale, I’ll pay you by the end of the second week of each month.

How do I get paid?

At this time, I only pay our affiliates through paypal. Accounts are free to set up.

E-Junkie Options

There’s two options on e-junkie. One is to link to the CG blog from your website. The other is to use “add to cart” or “buy now!” buttons on your website. Both get you paid. Using the buttons mean users are linked directly to the cart and don’t come here.

If you choose to use the add to cart or other buttons, you’re free to use the images and sales copy found on the store page. You’re also welcome to write your own sales copy, but I’d like to read it first.