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The material on The Classical Guitar Blog is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Anyone is free to copy the material and use it in any non-commercial way. However, if the material is used, it may not be altered.

If you choose to copy the work here and post it on your own site or elsewhere, a link to The Classical Guitar Blog must be included. This link should be to the original article and contain the anchor text “The Classical Guitar Blog.” For instance:

“This article was originally posted at <a href=”/insert article url”>The Classical Guitar Blog</a>”

While it’s not necessary that those wishing to use the work notify The Classical Guitar Blog, we do appreciate the notification.

Only the text published in the form posts, and images included in those posts, fall under the license. Any products are offered for sale at The Classical Guitar Blog they are not covered under the creative commons license. Products offered for sale are the intellectual property of their authors. In addition, products advertised on The Classical Guitar Blog are not included in the creative commons license. Any compositions published on The Classical Guitar Blog remain the property of the composer, and should someone want to use said compositions they should contact the composer directly.

Any sheet music or arrangements of music falling under the public domain (in the form of a PDF or otherwise) offered at The Classical Guitar Blog may be used freely as long as a link is given to The Classical Guitar Blog following the guidelines above. If a piece of public domain music is offered for sale or included in another product offered for sale at The Classical Guitar Blog, the music/arrangement remains the property of the product’s author.

Videos and Embedded Media

The Classical Guitar Blog claims no ownership of videos or other media embedded from such sites as Youtube or Vimeo. Such videos are the sole property of their owners or uploaders. Those wishing to use videos or other embedded media should contact its owner directly.

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The Classical Guitar Blog claims no responsibility for the ads displayed by google. Those ads are the sole property of their owners and do no reflect the beliefs or opinions of The Classical Guitar Blog or its owner.

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Comment Policy

The Classical Guitar Blog and its owner reserved the right to edit or not publish (make visible to other readers) any comment posted on the site. Comments perceived as spam will never be published.

Comments that are critical of The Classical Guitar Blog or material posted are welcome. If a reader disagrees with the opinions or thoughts offered at The Classical Guitar Blog or by its owner they are encouraged to state their opinion in a mature, coherent manner.

Here are some ways to avoid getting your comment published:

  • Use a fake name
  • Use an obviously fake or questionable email address
  • Add no value to the discussion

These guidelines are meant as general outline. They are not hard, steadfast rules for which comments are published. Comment publishing is left solely to the judgment of the Owner.

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