Francesco Corbetta (c. 1615 - 1681)

Francesco Corbetta
Francesco Corbetta

Francesco Corbetta spent his early career in Italy, doing what most guitarists do: teaching & playing. Eventually, Corbetta found himself attached the the court of the Duke of Mantua. Corbetta, not one to stay in one place and with growing reputation as a virtuoso guitarist, frequently took leave from his duties at court to travel abroad. During the last twenty or so years of his life, he divided his time between Paris and London.

Five of Corbetta’s books for five-course, baroque guitar survive today. His first book is much like earlier Italian baroque composers: a collection of strummed dances and pieces. In his following two publications, however, Corbetta used a mixed style of strumming (battute) and plucked styles. As Corbetta spent much of his later life in Paris, the music in his final two collections exhibits French influences. Three of Corbetta’s books include instructions for realizing figured bass and performing as an accompanist.

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Notable Concert Works by Francesco Corbetta

Caprice de Chaconne

Played by James Piorkowski.