Giovanni Battista Granata (1620 - 1687)

Giovanni Battista Granata was one of the more prolific guitarist-composers of the 17C century: he published 7 books. In addition, Granata’s first book, Capricci armonici, was the first large work that printer Giacomo Monti produced with his system of moveable type. Little is known of Granata’s life. He was born in Turin, Italy, sometime around 1620-21, and moved to Bologna around 1646. Granata remained in Bologna for the rest of his life, but didn’t just work as a guitarist/composer. In 1659 he was licensed as a barber-surgeon.

Granata’s early works are organized in French dance suites, while his later works are more complex: pieces for guitar + violin + continue, and others.

List of Giovanni Granata’s Works

  • Capricci armonici sopra la chittarriglia spagnuola (Bologna, 1646)
  • Nuove suonate di chitarriglia spagnuola (No specific date or place, possibly around 1650)
  • Nuova scielta di capricci armonici (Bologna, 1651)
  • Soavi concenti di sonate musicali (Bologna, 1659)
  • Novi capricci armonici musicali (Bologna, 1674) – contents
  • Nuovi soavi concenti di sonate musicali (Bologna, 1680) – contents
  • Armoniosi toni di varie suonate musicali (Bologna, 1684) – contents

Concerts works by Giovanni Battista Granata

Nothing of Granata’s has really made it into the standard repertoire. Here are a few of his works, however.