Links 1/28/09

First, a quick reminder that Scott Kritzer’s offer closes at the end of the month. If you’re without a classical guitar teacher in your area, online lessons could be a great alternative. Scott’s offer is now closed

The New Yorker posted a great article from author Alex Ross about the the affordable art of concertgoing. Ross manages to see ten art music concerts in a week for $81. Not to shabby. I’m inspired to find some free concerts! but, as Drew McManus over at Adaptistration explains, there is not really a great platform “that can easily collect and distribute classical music concert info”. How do you find free or cheap concerts?

Emon over at Guitarkadia delivered yet again with his “non-guitar dosage.” He posted about pipa virtuoso Liu Fang. Great stuff!

Finally! Antoine Dufour plays some freakin’ cool music. Sometimes a little fingerstyle guitar is not a bad thing!

If you like that, check out Tommy Emmanuel’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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