7 Things About Me

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Seven Things:

  1. I remember calling my Mom one night and asking her to buy me a Black Sabbath CD. Later that night I received Paranoid. Shortly after I got Metallica’s S & M. The combination of these two albums made me want to start playing guitar. I was about 13 years old. I still practice and play tunes from both bands at least a few times each week.
  2. I used to be overweight, now I’m not. I just quit eating frozen food and other crap one summer. Lost about 50lbs in three months between the eating change and having an active job. This was about three years ago now.
  3. I’m a weightlifting fanatic. I don’t train for physique goals, but I do train so I can move more weight. I fully intend to compete in a powerlifting meet by the end of this year. Just as soon as I quit sucking at bench press.
  4. Even though I play guitar, I listen to very, very little guitar music. I love the impressionist composers and a lot of 20th century music. There’s just not enough cool guitar music, in my opinion. What if Stravinsky wrote a guitar piece? It would be awesome.
  5. I am a large Star Wars fan. Read a ton of the books during high school–had them all arranged chronologically by when they were set to take place on my book shelf. I even make a point to watch the new animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars show on Cartoon Network.
  6. I used to play a weekly gig at a church in a “rock for Jesus” band. I started playing with them right after I began guitar, and it forced me to get better really quick.
  7. At a gig one time my band has just performed a song in drop-D. I’d switched guitars for that song. Then we started the next song, which was not in drop D tuning. I forgot to switch back, about two bars into the song I looked out at the audience, gave a sheepish smile then went off stage and switched guitars. Awesome.

I’m Tagging: Andy Hamilton, Michelle at Visualizing the Biological, Josh at Guitar Lifestyle, Guitar Cardio, Mark at Guitar World and Steve Lin.

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  • Emon

    Did you tell your mom to pick Paranoid or she picked it on her own? That is so cool you started with Paranoid. I remember the title song being sort of the anthem of our high school years.

    Thanks for sharing and participating! Looking forward to the list of people you’ve tagged.

    • Chris

      I think I told her Paranoid. I think I wanted to listen to Iron Man mostly. I still love the B-side of that album: Electric Funeral (first song I ever learned on guitar), Hand of Doom (most fun to sing with), Rat Salad and Fearies Wear Boots. Great stuff.

    • Chris

      I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing! Maybe I should post more non-guitar?

      I do think the majority of guitarists do actually listen to a lot of guitar music. Look no further than myspace: all the classical guitarists on there have classical guitar friends. It seems as if the real world works much the same way: the majority of people that patronize guitar concerts and buy guitar albums are guitarists.

      I don’t think that was the case just 20 or 30 years ago when we were still riding out the Segovia craze. Makes me wonder what’s changed. Are the artists worse? Are they better? What happened to the people who filled up up sold-out halls for Segovia’s concerts?