Chris’ Recital

This blog is not about promoting myself. However, as I offer advice and that sort of thing, I think it’s important that readers can see where I’m coming from. That’s why I post videos of myself playing on youtube in addition to instructional stuff.

This is all in order of performance. I spared the tuning and applause portions. Hope you like it!

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  • Simon B

    Well done, Chris!

    Last night I was pondering videotaping myself playing. My wife and I were having a conversation and I was speculating out loud on whether or not I am progressing technically as a player. I know that I am able to take on most things that I have a mind to these days, but the progress has been so gradual that it’s hard to measure. I have done some home studio recording, but a video recording like your recital would be that much more telling when looking back to see where you’ve been.

    FYI, the third video in the playlist is “no longer available” and that brings the video to a halt.