Monday Motivation: 3/2/09

“It’s not as if composers woke up January 1, 1900 with a hangover and the terrible realization that they could no longer write romantic music”
Jeffrey Wood

An amusing quote from my analysis class this week. Romantic music didn’t really stop at 1900. The term 20th century music should really just mean “post tonal music”, but even that’s not descriptive enough. Post common practice tonality (tonic dominant relationships) may be a better way to describe it.

I want to share a performance that I had the opportunity to see last week. This is Gary Stewart performing the fugue from one of Bach’s solo violin works (BWV 1001). He’s truly an amazing performer. Every voice entrance in here is brought out, everything is well phrased–every note has direction. It’s awesome. Great concert from Gary. Look to hear more from this guy.

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