Don’t Forget…

We all start playing music for different reasons. I started on clarinet in fifth grade band because it was the only instrument I could make a sound on. I started guitar because I wanted to play Black Sabbath and Metallica. But I kept playing because it was fun. Sometimes music isn’t as serious as we like to think it is; sometimes it’s just about letting loose.

Don’t ever forget that music is fun.

Why did you start playing?

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  • Dmitry Rubinstein
    Dmitry Rubinstein

    Wow. With me, I guess, there are so many reasons I’d better dedicate the time to practice instead of listing them all. But mostly, I guess, it has to do with making up for lost opportunities. “Closing circuits”, I think, is how it’s called. I used to play violin in school for about 3 years, from age 7 to about 9. I dropped out because I switched a teacher and the new one sucked. Ever since I’ve been wondering what was I missing upon. And finally (I’m 35 now) I decided to stop wondering and do something about it. I’ve been playing for only 2 months now, and it’s pure joy.