Composer Profile: Stuart Weber

Stuart Weber is a classical guitarist and guitar composer living and working in Montana. Not only is Stuart an talented composer, but he’s also a great player and has studied with Christopher Parkening. Stuart Recently sent me a copy of his album The Fifth Row. The premise of The Fifth Row was to record in and explore a variety of old theaters in the Rocky Mountain region. Each track on the CD was recorded in a different theater. The Fifth Row contains arrangements of composers such as Telemann, Weiss and Bartok and original compositions. My personal favorite is Bartok’s Evening at the Villiage in which Stuart has proved himself to be a more than capable arranger. Stuarts own compositions make use of classically oriented forms combined with his unique sense of harmony and line.

The Fifth Row can be purchased through Stuart’s Website. Be sure to connect with Stuart on twitter, youtube, and facebook.

Recordings Available on Amazon:
Under the Big Sky: Guitar Anthology
Under the Big Sky–Guitar Anthology (Amazon MP3)

Here’s a video of Stuart playing Bouree alla Polacca by George Philipp Telemann:

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  • Noel

    This is really great! What we need is more people like Stuart Weber who are willing to explore and arrange pieces for guitar that sound good on guitar, and wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as being arranged for guitar. This Telemann piece is a perfect example of this.

    I look forward to seeing more from Stuart Weber in the future. Thank you very much Chris for your introduction to such an amazing artist.