Linkage: 4/24/09

Mathew Hinsley, executive director of the Austin, TX Classical Guitar Society, was recently intervied. The interview contains some thoughts about what Hinsley’s typical day looks like and some of the fairytale-esque story of the Austin Classical Guitar Society. It’s a good read! Would you be interested in hearing from more classical guitar society types? Let me know in the comments!

Tony Morris, of Classical Guitar Alive fame, has been all over social media this week talking about the finding of some of Barrios’ lost recordings including Bicho Feo the piece he was rumored to close his concerts with. reports on the Barrios findings. Here’s Tony’s post on the group explaining the findings.

The Wall Street Journal reports that artists are filling foreclosed homes and creating artist villages/communities in Cleveland. That’s pretty awesome. The city is taking notice and helping the artists renovate other homes to turn into artist residences. I find it reassuring that the arts are being supported, despite this line, “Artists have become the occupiers of last resort.”

Now that we’re done with that serious stuff, it’s time to share some fun things. Guitar World recently posted the twenty hottest female guitarists (part 2). I’m disappointed Ana Vidovic is not on there. Guitar World dropped the ball.

I’m not really sure what’s going on in this video, but I like it.

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  • Rich

    Yeah, what is the 20 hottest female guitarists without Ana? Personally, I think Xuefei Yang should be in there too. And the all time love of my life, Emmylou Harris, of course!

  • Josh

    Yes, Ana Vidovic should definitely be on that list. They have Courtney Love and no Ana?!?