Monday Motivation: Piazzolla Edition

“The important thing is for the student to do, with conviction, what he feels to be necessary for his complete self-expression. Such a procedure will be of more value, to him and to others, than his blindfold imitation of any prevailing fashion of the moment, which today may be new, but tomorrow already tarnished and outdated. If he does not write as his own ideals dictate, he does himself a grave disservice, and his music with neither ring true nor be of any great significance.”
-Reginald Smith Brindle

Piazzolla playing his own music is something different than we’re used to hearing. What I like about Piazolla’s music is that is some taste of improvisation, but it’s all carefully laid out and composed.

Today we feature guitarist Alberto Morelli perfomring Libertango.

For contrast, check out Gabriel Ayala’s interpretation of Verano Porteno. Very different. Rough, almost terrifying, which is the impression you get when listening to Piazzolla play his own music.

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