Seven (very important) Reasons to Get a Guitar Teacher

  1. Repertoire

    Many guitarists injure themselves or build in bad habits by playing pieces beyond their level. Good repertoire will offer challanges, but also things that are easily accomplished. To take that further, current repertoire should include both easy and challenging pieces. A teacher will be able to choose effective repertoire that’s just what a student needs.

  2. Practicing

    Ever try to figure out a difficult passage? It sucks. It takes hours experimenting before finding something that works. A teacher can help circumvent those hours of frustrating experimentation and offer practice suggestions from the beginning

  3. Interpretation

    Listening to music is a way to hear what good interpretation is. But a teacher will be able to explain the why behind it. This knowledge is far more powerful than the how, and lets a student become more autonomous. A teacher will also be able to offer interpretation suggestions and help a student become a better musician.

  4. Counseling

    A good teacher is like a high school guidance counselor. They might not help deal with major issues, but having someone who is concerned about your success as a budding guitarist is reassuring. Especially after those bad performances.

  5. Connections

    Teachers have been at this music thing longer. They have connections. They know people. This is especially important at the college level. Networking is never overrated. I remember my teacher during undergrad didn’t teach outside of the college. So anyone that emailed him about lessons would get sent them my way.

  6. Technique

    No one has a perfect technique from day one. A teacher knows this, and will be able to gradually shape technique over the course of lessons. Having an experienced set of eyes on your hands is never a bad thing.

  7. Motivation
    Many people, including myself, work better with a deadline. A weekly lesson provides that deadline. It many not be playing in front of a crowd, but playing for a teacher can be a stressful experience. And performance experience is never a bad thing.

Find a Guitar Teacher!

How has your teacher helped you out? Got some more important reasons? Leave them in the comments!

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  • Logan Moon

    So I am a guitar instructor for a custom guitar shop and I was taught by an instructor and i agree. In a short amount of time i was able to pass people playing a lot longer than me and i continue getting better fast because of the habits and ideas i got from my instructor