Linkage: 5/22/09

The Music Teacher’s Helper blog featured an article about intrinsic motivation in students, and how to foster it. Some great advice for teachers, but I especially like this: “An easy trap to fall into as a piano teacher is to have lessons turning into mistake-correcting exercises. All this succeeds in doing is highlighting a student’s shortcomings.” Amen.

Cameron Mizell gives 15 tips for non-guitarists I assume that everyone that reads this blog plays guitar, but there are some good reminders!

I’m not sure what possessed someone to build a Giant Flying V, but I guess that’s cool.

British composer Nicholas Maw passed away this week. He has recently been given more attention by guitarists due to Marcin Dylla’s performances of his work Music of Memory. As the Telegraph explains in Maw’s Obituary, Maw clearly fought against the main stream and forged his own way in the modern music community.

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