Changing Your Binding

I don’t really understand the way they bind books of music. Without a coil binding or something similar, the book doesn’t stay open on the on the stand. And every time I make copies of music I misplace them (and all my fingerings and notes on the score), so I like to work from the original. It’s very hard to lose music you spent $20+ on.

So, let me introduce you to the best 70 cents I’ve ever spend:


I had the print shop on campus rip the binding off and rebind the book. I was hoping for a wire coil, but they were not able to do that.

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  • Cody Swanson
    Cody Swanson

    This is a great idea. I work at libray and have access to comb-binding and wire-binding machines. Occasionally I will use the recylced bindings (still in great condition), and bind some music. Those tight glued bindings are simply not practical and should be done away with in the music publishing world.

  • David McClelland
    David McClelland

    Office supply stores like Staples can spiral bind reasonably.