Facelift 2.0

I’ve just updated the website design for The Classical Guitar Blog.

I’m still working out the bugs, but I have some big ideals planned. For instance, the category this feed is posted in (news) will have it’s own feed. This feed will cover classical guitar in the news. This is similar to what I did in links posts where I did a section on “classical guitar in the news.” So expect concert announcements, website news, and perhaps special deals, etc.

Let me know what you think of the new design!

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  • Mike Saville

    Hi Chris, I hope you know that I like your content, however I’m not to sure about the new design. On the one hand I do like the nice clean looks but on the other I’m left feeling that there is nothing in the design that tells me this is a music/guitar site. Maybe a graphic at the top instead of a black background? I’ve pondered the design question a lot on my own site and it’s a really difficult one and you won’t please everyone – I certainly haven’t! In the end it all comes back to content, if you write things that people want to read they’ll come back.

  • Bobber

    Sorry but I don’t like it. Looks to business like. The old blog look was more unique and artistic. This is too polished. Like a blog put up by some big corporate entity.