What Does Baroque Dance Look Like?

Ever wonder what Baroque dance looks like? I did, so I youtubed it!

Gives some context to those stylized dances we all playing. I wish I could learn to do this stuff. Of course, we play dance movements by Bach or someone else, they’re stylized (not meant to be danced to), but learning the steps and how to dance them might be a great way to get inside the piece a bit more.

Anyone learned to do the Baroque dances?

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  • Bobber

    Fascinating stuff. Wasn’t the Sarabande considered to be a vulgar dance? If so, it’s hard for me to see anything vulgar about it in this video. It seems to me to be very difficult to get into the heads of these people. How did the dances look to them and what kind of response did it provoke in their thinking and emotions? This is very difficult to determine.

  • Chuck

    Cool. I always wondered. Hey, the Bach is stylized, but pieces by Milan, etc., those are actually danceable, right? I’m wondering if I can interest our local dance company for a combined concert.

  • Philippa Waite

    If people are interested, I teach Baroque dance classes in the UK.

    I currently teach regular classes in London, Bath, Birmingham and Gloucester. And I run a summer school in Cardiff – you can attend the first weekend as a Baroque dance sampler.

    Details on my website – click on my name above, or go to http://www.ukbaroquedance.com/classes/