Monday Motivation: Caballero Edition

“We should cultivate simplicity and directness rather than fussiness and complexity.”
-Reginald Smith Brindle

Today we feature some scary playing from Jorge Caballero. The piece is an arrangement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony. I’m not convinced this piece is really that great as a guitar arrangement, but it’s certainly impressive playing.

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  • delarus

    Really not enjoyable.

    If I want something “sporty”, I watch Sports.

    But if I want something musical, I turn to something else!

  • Bobber

    I like the piece. It is exciting to hear these great works played on another instrument. I have never seen Caballero play live but all of the videos I have seen seem to have a really big sound. Flawless technique is really inspiring too. He really makes it look easy. When I see someone make playing guitar look easy, that inspires me. Is that odd? I don’t think so.

    Anybody know what kind of guitar he plays? It seems so small yet has such a huge sound.

  • delarus says:
    delarus says:

    Flawless technique?

    Pha! He would struggle the same way if he we’re playing Carcassi studies.

    The reason: He thinks it’s all about the movement of fingers… all about the technique.

    What an utterly disgusting performance. He should team up with Fisk, Yamashita and Dylla!

    But what do you know: a lot (A LOT) of people seem to enjoy players who just focus on technique and struggle.
    Dedication for idiots!

  • Pule Thamex

    Well I certainly enjoyed it. Good thing we all don’t enjoy the same things, or we’d all enjoy being a vitriolic troll like delarus.