An Interview with Petar Jankovic

Petar Jankovic is a performer and teacher based in Indiana. A native of Serbia, Mr. Jankovic’s accomplishments are many: competition wins, critical acclaim–the works! In addition to his performance activities, Petar Jankovic is one of two guitarists on the faculty of Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, one of the best music programs in the United States.

There’s a lot of wisdom in this interview, and I encourage everyone to watch all of it!

Topic Overview

Part one: how he got started playing the guitar and the guitar world in Serbia.

Part two: best and worst memories with the guitar and dealing with stage fright or performance anxiety.

Part three: some tips for being a more expressive player and a word about guitar technique.

Part four: the guitar program at Indiana University and the future of classical guitar.

Part five: preparing for a tour or concert season, selecting music for recordings or concerts, and upcoming projects.

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  • Aleksandar

    Great interview,and great player.
    Amount of usefull informations in this interview is enormous especialy about “stage fright” and mixing emotions into your playing.
    Having Petar Jankovic to play few examples and with little more technical details it would be great instructional DVD (of course if filmed with better camera,not web camera)

    In fact I can’t believe that there isn’t any comment on this video on the youtube,what a pitty

  • Jeff

    Great video. Helps to remember what I enjoy about the classical guitar. Very helpful and meaningful comments on performing, practicing, etc. Thanks for posting this.

  • Guido

    Thanks for this great video! The tips on stage / performance fright are really welcomed here.



  • Shannon

    Had the great pleasure of hearing Mr. Jankovic tonight in concert in Indiana ( – the “Sounds of Spain” link). He truly does sing with his guitar. Very moving performance. I am not a guitar player and so cannot comment on the technicality of his playing. But the expressiveness… he has the goods. And he made it seem so easy.

    I am listening to one of his CDs now, googling him, and I found this interview. Thank you very much for publishing it to the web.

  • Linda Tsardakas-Grimm
    Linda Tsardakas-Grimm

    A wonderful interview with a wealth of information – it’s worth listening to more than once! I somehow hadn’t seen the interview until today although it’s been out since last September. I’m sure Mr. Jankovic must be a fantastic mentor to his students, certainly quite demanding but also rewarding.
    Thanks for the interview.