Call for Questions: Matthew McAllister

Part of my goal with founding this website was to encourage reader interaction with performers. In the changing music industry landscape, artists who interact thrive. As such, I need your help!

The next interview is with guitarist Matthew McAllister, a UK based guitarist.

So, what should I ask him?

PS: Big THANK YOU to everyone who weighed in on the Fingernail Open Thread.

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  • GuitarVlog

    For Mr. McAllister: You’ve chosen a new support-less guitar position. It seems that the lower bout rests on your right leg and the crook of the right arm acts as a counterweight. Is this position flamenco-inspired (as it resembles the traditional flamenco position)? What are its challenges? What do you see as its advantages?

  • Charles Mokotoff

    How does Matt sit that way and appear so comfortable? I have never seen a classical guitarist sit the way he does on many of his videos. Any secrets to performing sans footstool or guitar support?

  • jkg

    What do you think of today’s steelstring players such as Andy McKee, Pierre Bensusan, etc.

  • Bobber

    I never heard of this guy but from looking at his web site, it appears that he is doing a lot of work with a flutist. So I would be interested in knowing or learning some tips about how to play guitar with flute. Is the guitar’s volume much of concern?

  • bobber

    He also appears to be a UK based guitarist? It might be interesting to find out if there are any noticeable differences between the approach to learning and playing guitar across the pond compared to here.